Holographic Applications


Holographic Applications

We create great Holographic applications


Imagine a space...

That can be controlled using augmented reality, so point your phone, the Hololens or Meta vision Glases at the screen and you gain control over the objects you see.

Once you pull the object out of the screen you can resize it look at it from different angles. Transforming 2D into 3D to get a better understanding of the object.



Meta Vision


We were the first company to develop software for the Meta Vision Goggles in Poland. We have a partnership that allowed us get access to the hardware in at an early stage.



Hololens - Microsoft

We are partners of Microsoft working with Hololens from it's release as development-kit in the United States.

Augmented REality App Generation

Our platform is reshaping the traditional digital marketing industry. It is a new concept in media creation and publishing. Our product is a tool that uses AR (Augmented Reality) and Machine Learning to allow marketers to integrate their digital assets into a new media with no Apps, no coding skills needed, minimal waiting time, no overrated cost, and no friction to adoption.