Vidicom collaborates with different partners like Smart AR and STSG. We also invest in new startups. We are one of the investors in Smart AR and are proud of it. Vidicom takes care of all the mobile and backend development for Smart AR.


About Smart AR partner

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

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Smart AR assists organizations involved in construction and real estate to keep up with the fast development of VR, AR and MR. As members of an international expert team, we are excellent consulting partners to the industry. We are also very practical. Our own software specialists build applications for the different 3D devices according to the requirements of our customers. 



Vidicom is the software partner of Space Technology and Science Group Oy (STSG). We make sure that the satellite data are easy to use for the end users, which are mainly government organizations.


About Space Technology and Science Group

Innovation in space technology through small satellites.

Space Technology and Science Group Oy was founded three years ago in Finland by a group of very experienced space researchers and entrepreneurs, from Finland, Poland, Latvia and Hungary. It aims to address the lack of control that the emerging markets have over their Space Data and the ability to develop their own space systems. STSG is a group of researchers and entrepreneurs that share the same passion for closing this gap and making space technology, science and data available to everyone.

E-Learning platform for STSG
We built an e-learning platform to deliver Space Science to emerging markets.