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Hololens apps


We create Hololens apps for industry

We know how to present 3D objects in the Hololens and create intuitive mixed reality user interfaces. Our knowledge does not stop there, we are able to connect to existing platforms or create our own platforms to simplify working with 3D models. We presented our solutions to Prince William and Kate when they visited Warsaw and they loved the experience!

UX design tools Leap Motion

quick prototyping in 3D

We are able to quickly prototype with you in 3D to save time and money on development. During the prototyping phase we keep open minds and visualise the ideas on the fly. Our mixed reality user interface and user experience experts have two years experience they started working with the Hololens when it was just released on the market. Using leap motion UI design tools.



We develop controllers and other hardware for the Hololens to improve ease of use for any particular task. Sometimes we need to go a step further when there is a particular task that needs to be done in an industrial environment where we need to do a simple task using High Tech equipment. This is when we create hardware (for example a controller) that works with our Hololens application or we can attach a third party hardware.

Circuit board

cloud integrations

To further improve ease of use we integrate with third party 3D software like Autocad, Tekla, Autodesk and many others. This makes it possible to easily use your 3D content in the applications we develop, whether it is a quality control application or training software.

We build SAAS solutions for the Hololens which are scalable. Add as many new locations or companies as you like and let them use a cloud platform where 3D content is managed.


Some of our clients