about us

We are Vidicom


A Team of dedicated software developers, designers and project managers. Solid development and creative design.


Sander De Vries



Since 2002 Sander de Vries has been leading many IT projects around the world, primarily as CEO of SmartAR, Space Technology Science Group (STSG) and Vidicom. His experience and network is very helpful in recruiting the best team members for the development of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications. He has a great interest in the newest technical developments.


Dima Kolesnikov



Since 2000 Dima Kolesnikov has been leading many IT projects, primarily as tech lead of SmartAR, Space Technology Science Group (STSG) and Vidicom. He has transformed the team to be prepared for the future, for mobile augmented reality and mobile virtual reality.

Bocharov 2018-10-10.png

Pavel Bocharov



Having his higher education in computer aided design finished in 2007 Pavel started to dig into 2D/3D graphics and digital products usability field. His knowledge then allowed him to manage and complete a number of projects for Vidicom in classic and AR/VR applications applying the best UX practices for both of the branches.